Temporada Baja

  • Includes Membership
  • Access To All Gym Facilities
  • Free Parking Pass
  • Monday-Friday Gym Access
  • 3 Day Personal Trainer Help
  • No Additional Amenities


  • Includes Premium Membership
  • Access To All Gym Facilities
  • Free Parking Pass
  • Sunday-Monday Gym Access
  • 45 Day Personal Trainer Help
  • Free Supplements + Sauna Usage


  • Includes Elite Membership
  • Access To All Gym Facilities
  • Free Parking Pass
  • Sunday-Monday Gym Access
  • 100 Day Personal Trainer Help
  • Full Access To Everything


This guide is specially designed to provide you the necessary information that you may require during your stay to make it more comfortable and enjoyable.

Tap water is drinkable nevertheless there is a filtered tap water at the kitchen.
The local electricity supply is 220V. Use of any portable air conditioning or heating appliances is prohibited.
Make sure all lights, fans and all electrical appliances are turned off when leaving the room.
Wifi internet Access is available.
Keep the pool area neat and clean.
Please, close the umbrellas when leaving the pool area.
No cigarette buds, tampons, sanitary pads or any other material, other than toilet paper may be flushed down the toilet. Charges will occour for any blockage.
Smoking, eating and storing food in the romos is not allowed.
Garbage must be removed by guests from 21 to 23 pm.
Garbage containers are located all along the road at about 50m. at each direction from the house.
Other recycling bins are at the patio: blue for paper and yellow for plastic and cans. We also provide some boxes for glass (bottle) recycle.
Failure to remove garbage properly shall result in additional housekeeping service fee.
We are dedicated to the protection of our planet resources and would encourage our guests to help us by:
-Switching off lights when not in use.
-Ensuring the taps are always turned off after use.
We thank you in advance for your comprehension and co-operation.
Dial 112 for any emergency (fire, , medical…)
Guest who found to be responsable for vandalism within the villa shall be required to compensate the damages charges. In addition, Eviction Policy shall prevail.
Eviction Policy is the ultimate action. In case of such decission, the accommodation agreement of the guest shall be teminated with immediate effect and accommodation fee paid for the rest of the stay shall not be refunded to the guest.
Kindly note that guests will be asked to compensate the cost of the repairs and maintenance Works due to any damage caused by the guest.
We reserve the right to charge additional housekeeping service fee in case of a deep cleaning requirement due to improper use.

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