The month of July arrives and in La Viña we have to start bagging the few grapes we harvest this year. Due to the low rainfall we had to water the fruit trees mainly by drip irrigation, this lack of rainwater has an impact on fruit production.

We have to bag the grapes to protect them.

How the grapes are protected.

The bagging technique began in the early twentieth century as protection against pests but over time it was proven that it allows the skin of the grape to be softer and thiner, this has a direct impact on its flavor. What began as a “ protective suit” has finally become a technique that helps obtain a better quality of fruit.

Visiting Alicante in summer one can check large areas of grapevines covered with these wrappings, mainly in towns like Novelda.

Cellulose bags are used to cover the grape cluster by bunch. They are often checked to verify that the growth process is appropriate. If the bags have not suffered much, we usually recycle them for the next campaign.

Hopefully we get more rainfall in autumn and next year we can enjoy a better harvest.