Succulents plants are one of our favorites. Its variety of shapes and colors gives our garden a particular look. The reproduction is very simple, you can cut a small stem from the mother plant and plant it, you will see that in a few days a new rosette appears. Another method is by taking a leaf from the mother plant, placing it on a pot with soil, watering it and a few days later the new plant will appear and grow roots. In the photos you can see how the cutting comes out in this Graptopetalo.


Crasas or succulents plants require very little maintenance, so if you have little time this plant is ideal. They need large amounts of light and enjoy a winter rest, so do not place them near the heating in winter. Avoid wetting the leaves because the layer of protective wax that they have can be damaged by water.

As you can see, it is a very grateful plant, and we will be happy to give you several cuttings so that you can start your own plant reproduction.