Climbing to the pretty village of Aigües de Bussot is one of most riders favorites routes. This trail can be easily made from  La Viña. We can provide the track of the road. The route is not too demanding, and can be replenished after arriving in the town of Aigües having a good snack in one of its bars. It is a wide footpath with beautiful views of the sea and the surroundings. The vegetation is the local one, pine trees and low scrub. Depending on the time of year it will be advisable to climb very early so it won’t be too hot. Once in the town we can take a walk around to see the church or the main street.


Replies the forces we started the descent that is quite fast and we can choose to go to the beach of campello (only 8 kms from Aigües) or return to Finca La Viña and enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool. It is a good plan and that in total it can take us about 3 hours. You dare.